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Export Management is a complex job. Making sure that all the bases are covered is crucial to getting your company off the ground successfully and avoiding classic exporting mistakes. The most common export management oversights routinely made by new exporters can amount to far more than the total cost of hiring Blue Star. Counting with a professional network of personnel and strategic partnerships, Blue Star have the ability to handle any project on a total consulting solution, from research to management consulting, managing design, construction, commissioning and sub-contractor selection. We’ve consolidated this broad experience in thorough Action Plans (many with over 1,000 task areas each) developed for a wide variety of products and markets, which we tailor to each  clients unique needs. By continually refining and updating these crucial Action Plans and Checklists, we can hit the ground running on your export project. Valuable time and money isn’t wasted inventing a plan from scratch. And they enable us to help you cut costs and increase productivity without reducing performance. When we have finished our job, we hand over to you (and train you to run) a fully functional export operation, complete with Operational and Marketing Plans, optimal customer lists, agent and buyer evaluations, nuts-and-bolts marketing tasks, targeted industry niches, forwarding and transport arrangements, documentation.
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