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Our services Internationalization offers a potential growth and profit opportunity one that your company has decided to pursue. But launching a new foreign trade venture in an unknown overseas market can be risky. Where do you turn to for the solid marketing know-how, hands-on management skills and broad experience in international business you need to succeed?. Whatever difficulties you may encounter for your international expansion, our CONSULTING, TRADING or TRAINING services will help to you overcome them. We can provide you with a wide range of professional and competitively priced services which are essential for the rapid growth of your company in the globalisation era. No matter the size of your company or the excellence of your product, you must face a new and unknown situation and you should decide the suitable way to follow. Our CONSULTING services can advise you to choose and develop the right Global solution from start to finish achieving your objectives. From a simple initial Market Research to a complete Project Management including all the aspects involved in your particular case.   Going new markets and conducting new projects abroad means forming new teams or adapting your people to overcome the cross- cultural obstacles implied into the new unknown conditions. You shall need to prepare them conveniently to face the challenge. Our TRAINING section can provide you the solution, from a simple translation to a complete project of your communications structure, including Training courses, presentations and other relative matters. And in case you need to channel your product out your organization, it is more than probable that our TRADING services can duly conduct it for the best convenience of your International expansion. Our process Our first priority is to understand your business and its unique needs, challenges and strengths. After that we will be ready to go ahead with you. An initial approach to us usually results in a meeting to discuss your requirements and to plan a list of objectives. At this stage, we are briefed on the client's products and their main markets. We discuss what the client wants to achieve from an Internationalization Business Development Programme and we learn about any previous experiences of export business. Following the initial meeting, we prepare and submit a proposal to the client, highlighting the scope of work, timescales, objectives and costs and including a Confidentiality Agreement. Upon acceptance, a start date for the assignment is agreed. We submit either a detailed report at the end of the assignment, or regular progress reports (depending on the length and scope of the contract). Our activity is based upon total integrity, discretion and service.
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